What's ur IG?

I doubt since since ur on Anon your gonna request to follow cause my page is private. 😕 but if you want to its my name @Shateik_ also my tagged/me section on here.

I’m just tryna earn a little heart emoji next to my name in ya phone shawty

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Can you guys help me to spread the word to report Teamblackguysmeme on IG or at least call them out on their extremely offensive and grossly fetishizing shit? It's ran by a white girl who fetishizes black men. She makes it clear all theyre good for is sex and mixed babies. She calls her "love" aka fetish for black men jungle fever. Her page made me feel sick. She's the type of person who give IR relationships a bad name. It's disgusting and why I'm iffy about most IR relationships these days.



"Jungle Fever"


Holy fuck this thing is real and disgusting…

Referring to black men as ‘chocolate’ is so god damn disgusting.

Can you post a picture of yourself?

Trust me I look like shit right now. U should look at my IG.


Bicker Jeans / Shadow 1s

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How you feeling?

Looking like Rihanna.

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…Kanye talking about L.A.

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